Fall Into Winter Collection

Fall Feels & Holiday Classics | Fall Into Winter Collection

Welcome to the Fall Into Winter Collection! Experience the aroma of the seasons. The Fall Into Winter Collection is designed to take you from fall right into winter and includes 10 all new soaps.

Luxury Handmade Soaps Designed to you from fall to winter

Fall into the most wonderful time of year with our Fall Into Winter Collection. Taking you from falling leaves, apple picking and hayrides to falling snow, holiday treats, and gift giving.

Featuring 10 all new soaps, launching in 2 parts.
First, bringing in all the fall feels are 5 all new soaps designed for cool evenings, warm cider and everyone’s favorite, pumpkin spice.
Next we’ll celebrate the holidays with 5 all new soaps inspired by the cool crisp feel of winter with soaps worthy of Christmas gift giving.
We’ve got you covered with the Fall Into Winter Collection.

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