Meditative Collection

A State of Mind | The Meditative Collection

Welcome to the Meditative Collection! Take a slow, deep breath and set your intentions as you focus on bringing balance to your hectic day. The Meditative Collection features soaps, hand balms and milk baths designed to help you relax, cleanse and lift your spirits.

Personal care products designed to help balance your inner self and bring calmness to your daily routine.

Finding balance comes in many forms and is different for each of us. That’s why we created 5 all new scent blends, made from pure essential oils, to help you along the way. Our essential oil profiles range from warm, woodsy and earthy to bright, cleansing and uplifting. Paired with the good for your skin, all-natural ingredients you have come to know and trust, the Meditative Collection will help you bring balance into your routine.

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