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Eco Friendly Soap Bag | Sisal Soap Saver


Exfoliating Soap Saver Bag

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Bar Soap Saver

Gently exfoliate your face and body with our natural Agave soap pouch. Experience irresistibly soft skin when you use our natural soap saver woven from Agave Sisalana Cactus plant fibers.

To use, place soap inside bag and wet with warm water. Rub bag/soap between your hands to work up a lather. Then use to gently wash away dead skin cells and expose soft, fresh skin, and help stimulate circulation, promoting the growth of new cells.

Extend the life of your eco friendly soap saver with regular machine washings, and allow to air dry. Hang from the loop fed through the top of your natural soap saver to easily hang drying.

Our soap saver naturally posses anti-microbial and mold resistant properties.

Pair your soap saver with one of our customers favorites. Click HERE to pick up your next bar of soap.


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 4 × .25 × 5 in


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